In college, there are times when you won’t be sleeping just so that you can pass. Whether it’s programming that website information technology students are always stressing about, or that 200-page long thesis paper that’s due tomorrow. We postpone until the last possible minute, and hence, we’ve no choice but to pull an all-nighter. However, keeping your eyes open for an entire evening and go to class tomorrow is no easy feat.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how you can bring out the owl in you.

Take a day nap


Whenever you lose sleep, the body tries to compensate. Thus, when you do an all-nighter means losing a lot of sleep, and in turn means the body trying to make up for it. Instead of having sleep debt, try to have an advance instead. With a few minutes or hours of your body rested, you won’t feel tired and sleepy on your all-nighter and the following day.

Reserve caffeine


Our body develops tolerance to the substances it gets used to. Because of this, those who often drink caffeinated drinks, especially in large amounts, tend to need a lot more just for it to take effect. So, if you’re going to work until morning, don’t drink any beverages with caffeine the day before. Follow this, and your coffee or energy drink is going to be more potent.

Eat protein, not carbs


Foods high in carbs are associated with energy. While that may be somehow true, there has been a study saying that the energy carbs provide is of long-term use. Therefore, it doesn’t give the fuel you immediately need. To make things worse, high-carb food items make your brain release serotonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy. Therefore, it’s better to eat protein. Instead of bags of chips, go with burgers.

Refrain from using social media


Twitter and Facebook are productivity’s worst enemies; turn them off. If you can’t help but open these online temptations, you can use apps that block them. For Windows users, there is Cold Turkey, and Self Control for Apple.

Regularly drink cold water


Thanks to toilet training, you have no problem waking up for a bathroom break even if you’re knocked out. You can use that to your advantage by drinking a lot of cold water. It’s going to make your trip to the bathroom more often, and physical activity prevents drowsiness. Also, the coldness of the water has a waking effect.

Do short physical activities


When your eyes are getting heavy, stand up, stretch, jog in place, do jumping jacks – anything to snap you out of your sleepiness. It promotes blood circulation, and makes your body release endorphins that keep you awake.

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