LPU Achievements

LPU-Laguna’s Center for Internationalization and Continuing Education Director Felisse Marianne Z. San Juan, presented her paper during the International Positive Psychology Association’s Fourth World Congress held in Disney Coronado Springs Resort, Florida, USA, last June. It was attended by more than 1000 participants from 53 countries all over the globe. San Juan was the only Filipino presenter.

“It was just so overwhelming to be part of a huge and meaningful event like this. I hope more and more students and practitioners in the field will appreciate Positive Psychology. It is an exciting new field that underscores the importance of positive attitudes, virtues and mindset to make individuals and organizations flourish. Very far from our earlier orientation that is somewhat comfortable in assigning a psychological diagnostic label to clients. I believe positive psychology can help us even more.”

The IPPA is considered to be one of the most prestigious Psychology associations in the world. It was founded by world-renowned psychologists Martin Seligman (social psychologist), Mihaly Csziksentmihalyi (proponent of Flow Theory), among others.

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