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4 Lifehacks To Save Up Your Allowance For An Awesome Sembreak

November 6, 2014

The finals are finally over! You know what that means: semester break! After many sleepless nights of hitting the books, you now have the chance to do whatever, go wherever, and be with whoever you want to be. But of course, it’s not as simple as it seems, because aside from the time and energy, you need something else – money. Flicks, food, and fun hangout spots are definitely not free, you know. And now that school’s out, so is your allowance.

So whether you’re an accounting major or taking an information technology course in the Philippines, here are some tips to help you save up big time for your long vacation.

Bring only enough money

counting money

The campus grounds and its nearby outskirts are usually littered with a lot of restaurants, cafes, bookstores, and other specialty shops. It’s easy to feel tempted to buy what they’re offering, and it’s just as easy to give in, especially if you have the means to pay for them.  So if you think you a weak willpower when it comes to fighting your spending urges, don’t bring an excessive amount that you are likely to burn.


Think twice before you buy


You’re in a store and you find something that catches your fancy. To your delight, you have enough money to buy it. So, do you take the item and blitz right away to the cashier? Of course not. Before you make the purchase, think: do you really, really want it, to the point that you wouldn’t be happy without it? Do you need it for school or personal life? Are there other things you want or need to spend on? If the respective answers are yes, yes, and no, then by all means spend your freely given money. But if the answers are either the opposite or can’t be expressed by yes or no, then put it back from where you found it; you have bigger and better things to use your money on.


Plan all expenditures ahead

on a budget

In almost everything, including money matters, it’s better to have a plan and actually stick to it. If you have already taken into consideration what you will be spending for in the immediate future, it’s easier to save because you have something to look forward to. Of course, there are times that you’re going to have to deviate from the plan, but at least it will be at a minimum, since you have a goal in mind.


Find cheaper alternatives


If there are two establishments that are selling almost the same thing on every single aspect except the price, which one will you buy from? It’s a no-brainer that it would be the one which sells the cheaper product. But in reality, because people aren’t looking and just buy whatever is in front of them, people spend a whole lot even though they could’ve had it for a lot less. So, if you want to be able to save up, be a bargain hunter who has a sharp eye for spotting price slashes. Because a few bucks you save today can be a lot in the following days.

I’m sure you’re ready for the break. Don’t let it be just you who’s ready; make sure your wallet is too. Follow these steps that will leave big savings on your purse, for it will also put a big smile on your face.