BS in International Travel and Tourism Management specialized in Tour Operations and Hotel Services

Course Overview

BS International Travel and Tourism Management with specialization in Tour Operations and
Hotel Services is a three-year degree program preparing students to become multiculturally diverse
individuals equipped with knowledge and skills of standards and work-based values ready to brave the
global tourism, travel, and hospitality workforce.
Students are highly engaged to multiple facets of learning, in travel and tour operations, hotel
services, airline operations, events management, tourism planning and development, destination branding
and tourism marketing, and business planning and research. Thus, the program does not only let them
unlock opportunities to become professional leaders but rather mold them to become enterprising people
bringing success to every organization and valuable contributors for the betterment of society.

Career Options

Graduates of BS ITTM-TOHS can have professions and careers in the Tourism and Hospitality
Sectors such as:
• Accommodation and Lodging
• Transportation
• Attractions
• Parks and Recreation
• Guest Relations
• Events
• Tourism and Travel Services
• Casino

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Program Educational Objectives

Three to five years after graduation, the International Travel and Tourism Management alumni shall
1. Demonstrated and interpreted holistic competencies of local and international tourism and
hospitality industry including relevant data, products, services, technology, policies, and applicable
laws geared toward nationalism and global competitiveness.
2. Applied innovative management and entrepreneurial functions utilizing business analytics in
service-oriented business organizations performing crisis and risk mitigation activities following
proficient use of communication channels.
3. Demonstrated competencies in the arrangement, delivery, promotions, operations and management
of tour and travel related activities and businesses.
4. Assessed impacts of tourism activities and designed mitigation, adhering to identified requirements
and sustainable practices of tourism destination planning, management and promotions.

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Student Outcomes

Ability to communicate and convey themselves effectively both for oral and written
2. Apply relevant technology for the production and management of tourism experiences
3. Perform different tourism related operations, effectively
4. Create, apply, and evaluate marketing strategies for tourism destinations and organizations
5. Practice empathy and respect for diversity and multicultural perspectives
6. Establish sense of inquiry and analysis of current issues in the tourism and hospitality industry
thru research
7. Work collaboratively in groups, both as a leader and a team member, in diverse environments
8. Examine possible risks in the workplace and perform steps to reduce adverse effects

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Core Faculty

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