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Before the Break: 4 Things To Do with your Classmates before the Holiday Vacation

December 11, 2014

Once you’re done with exams, it’s time for you to finally spend some quality time with your friends. After all, they’ve been there for you since the beginning of the semester (or maybe even since your first year), so it’s only right to share with them this season’s cheer!

Don’t put it off for next season; time flies so fast that you’ll be done with school and be the highest rate employment Philippine graduates in a blink of an eye. While you can, have some Christmas fun with your college buddies.

How? Here are a few suggestions.


Overnight Party

overnight party

If your folks allow you, then why not either a) spend a night at your friend’s house, or b) make them spend a night at yours? It’s going to be fun – you’ll stay up until the morning light talking about school, your crushes, the latest shows, movies, and games, and whatever random stuff you can come up with. And if you guys are not into that, you can always have a movie marathon, go games galore, or even a midnight munch-fest. And don’t limit yourselves with just that; there are a lot of other fun activities to choose from! Just remember: whatever you choose to do, what matters is that you all get to have an enjoyable and memorable night.


Exchange Gift

exchange gift

You shouldn’t forget this modern Christmas tradition. Before you part ways for the break, give each other presents so that you’ll have something to remember each other by. Have an agreement on the kind and the price range of the gifts so that nobody would feel cheated. Also, keep in mind that the gifts don’t have to expensive; they just have to be thoughtful and heartfelt, but please stick to the agreed price range if you have one. And if you’re feeling generous, why not give all of your friends little trinkets to remind them of you?


Road Trip

road trip

Since the air during December is a calm and comfy cool, it’s one of the best months to have a road trip. Question is, where to? If you think you and your friends can handle the frigid seawaters, check out the beaches – Batangas, Cavite, Zambales, or even further north if you’re up for it. Or maybe you guys just want to relax under a chiller atmosphere. If so, higher grounds like Tagaytay or Baguio are the places to be. And if your group doesn’t fancy either sea-level places or those that are way above it, then you can always plan your own itinerary to the many middle-ground hotspots. But before you hit the road with your friends, make sure your folks know where you’re headed.




Christmas is a time of singing; take this opportunity to belch out a few notes with your friends. Sing songs about your friends, your school and personal life, or even your love life! Don’t worry, it’s all good-natured fun. And since it’s the holidays, why not try those songs for the season? Most of them are a bit too cheesy, but all of you would probably sing Last Christmas in chorus with the loudest of voices anyway.


The break will soon be taking over. Before it does, have one last hurrah with that will be remembered for the next seasons to come.