College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Our Vision

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) envisions the development of students who are dynamic, highly adaptable and are inspired by the values and ideals of Dr. Jose P. Laurel, through the tutelage and guidance of qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.

Our Mission

Guided by this Vision, the School of Arts and Sciences offers general education courses that aim to develop the fundamental knowledge and holistic skills that serve as effective foundation for subsequent professional courses, such as those in Engineering, Business, Nursing, Technology and others. This core of General Education Courses also aims to contribute to the development of the totality of the human person, as he/she relates to his/her environment, both nationally and internationally.

The School of Arts and Sciences also offers professional academic programs in Education and Communications, emphasize English and technical proficiency as needed in the field of actual practice.

It also affords opportunities for its faculty and students to be actively involved in related community extension services and research activities.

In these ways, the School of Arts and Sciences contributes its share in the realization of the overall Vision and Mission of Lyceum of the Philippines- Laguna.

Seminar on Disaster Preparedness, Drug Prevention, National Security and Community Service
17 July 2013

Social Awareness on HIV/AIDS, Gender, Environmental and Election Issues 25 September 2013​