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April 29, 2021
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By: Limwel Linatoc & Richard Yuan Yap

April 24, 2021 – College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) hosted the #TATAKCBA: A Career Conversation, a virtual event to encourage students who are interested in taking business and accounting courses. Senior high school students from various schools in Laguna and Batangas were the main participants of the event.


Student representatives from different programs of CBA took this opportunity to share their testimonies to senior high school students who are looking forward to take this program, and might walk in this path.

Jessica Hernandez, a second year BS Accountancy student, said that the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy prioritizes taking the lead in preparing its students for challenges of the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam (CPALE). She added that BSA has a unique and competent take in holding their students for their board exam battles. She also pointed out that pursuing this course will always entail having the guts and determinations, especially when things seem to go down.

READY FOR CPALE. Jessica Hernandez shared her take on how LPU-Laguna CBA department prepares its students for CPALE.

“I treasured my first year days when our Ates and Kuyas would envy us and say that they rather are studying lessons that we are consulting to them. When the second year started, more of the sleepless nights came and the lessons were harder than I ever experienced. I would still like to say that everything was worth it because when I look back, I saw that I am where I wanted to be right now.” – Jessica Hernandez

Christine Quimio, President of the Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants (JPAMA) – one of the event organizers – also shared her struggles during her college life in an interview with Communicators’ Society.

She said that she had a hard time balancing her academics and organization activities because of the lack of time and difficulty in decision-making. She even admitted that a considerable amount of time she spends to their organization took a toll on her relationship with her family. But as someone who holds the highest position in their organization, she still makes sure that she is always present and available.

With these, Quimio gave some advice to all incoming freshmen students who will enter the world of the business industry. According to her, it will be difficult; but it does not mean that they should not try. She also emphasized the importance of having fun while giving their best, so as not to have any regrets later.

“(I told them that) they have to be determined and passionate on whatever commitment they’re up to because there’s no turning back. You’ve made that decision, then you must stand for it until the end. So, even though our major courses are giving you so much stress, it’s okay. It’s part (of the process, and a chance for) yourselves to be better.” – Christine Quimio

After hearing all the testimonies, they opened the floor for queries and other concerns.

Participants raised questions regarding the process of enrollment, tuition fees, scholarships and discounts, as well as the schedule of classes for the incoming academic year 2021-2022.

To wrap up the virtual event, Christopher Dennis Catapang, Dean of College of Business and Accountancy, and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, gave his final remarks. Dean Catapang pointed out how the university is focused on “outcomes-based education and goal-person development”. He added that if they chose the institution to cater their college education, they can ensure that “certain, unique characteristics” will be offered under their curriculum that they cannot find elsewhere.

MOST VIABLE COURSE. Dean Catapang, giving his closing remarks and encouraging students to choose CBA as it is one of the most affordable course with a high salary.

“We know business courses are perhaps one of the most viable options. But every aspiring college student should be considered. It has career options (that) you will be surprised. The employability rate was so high. The medical salary of our graduates is also high. Let me highlight that also that it is one of the most affordable courses because of the number of units and the very limited laboratory fees that we charged.” – Dean Christopher Dennis Catapang

The event is a collaborative effort of Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants (JPAMA), Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Junior Marketing Association (JMA), Operations Management Society, Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students, and the College of Business and Accountancy Student Council (CBASCO).