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CITHM COFFEE BREAK: A Parents and Students Conference

May 3, 2021
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CITHM COFFEE BREAK: A Parents and Students Conference

Written by: Crystalene Faye A. Florento, CITHM Asst. Secretary

Last April 13, 2021, parents, students, faculties, admins, and staffs of LPU Laguna CITHM are gathered during CITHM Coffee Break, one of the CITHM’s most important event, with the purpose of meeting and communicating with one another and to learn about and discuss concerns, ideas, works that focus on a topic of mutual concern.

Mr. Jerald “Kobe” Pasahol, as the masters of ceremony during the event stated what the conference is all about.

Coffee break was held — hoping that the college could give everybody something to look forward to; to truly disconnect with a few minutes to know the colleagues and promotes harmony and positive relationship; to encourage social connection created through this shared virtual moment that can make LPU CITHM team more effective, efficient, and oriented.

“One beautiful thing with the communication is that it is a two-way process. We talk, you listen, you talk, we listen.”, Ms. Calingasan, the VPAA stated as she proceeded with her welcoming remarks.

The University Chancellor also expressed his gratitude towards the Dean of College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM), Dean Chef Abram Emmanuel Peralta for always giving part for the admins in every event of CITHM.

Photo screen grabbed during CITHM Coffee Break via ZOOM.

TOPIC 1: Achievements of Students

The CITHM Student Council President, Ms. Mayen Amores proudly highlighted the achievements of CITHM students reaching great heights during the academic year 2020-2021.

The achievements of the students include the events and competitions organized by the students which highlighted the skills of the top awarded students; Dean’s Lister recognition; The Skills Enhancement Program top students; International competitions which highlighted the pride of the CITHM, Mr. Jeriel Encarnado, and Ms. Rench Payawal as competitors and winner in the said event.

The article about Mr. Encarnados winning will be at the end part of the article.

She also showed the events organized by the Student Council including Industry Professional Forums, programs, and international events which are sometimes in collaboration with the alumni office and organizations in and outside the college.

The events organized by the four (4) four organizations of CITHM were also highlighted which was all made for the betterment of the students.

Photo screen grabbed during CITHM Coffee Break via ZOOM.

TOPIC 2: State of CITHM Update

The Vice Dean of the CITHM and the International Hospitality Management’s Program Chair, Miss Jonna Dotimas delved in with the state of CITHM Update.

“We appreciate your trust that we can be of service to you all even in this challenging moment”, Miss Dotimas’ introductory statement for the parents and students.

She discussed about the things they have done for the college to grow, including the update and reminders to the students regarding the process and procedures for the upcoming 3rd trimester 2020-2021.

On the first part, she introduced the Faculty and Staffs behind the CITHM success, for the next part of her discussion she tackled about the enrollment procedure and payment procedure, also the newly proposed activity which is the” CITHM Listens” and proceeded on presenting the outputs of the courses taken by the students.

“We need to work hand in hand in being open and in complementing each other’s weaknesses to turn this partnership a long lasting one”, said Miss Dotimas as she ended her presentation.

3rd TOPIC: Online Flexible Practicum Plan

The Program Chair of International Travel and Tourism Management, Mr. Ryan A. Gamoso, enlightened everyone about the setting, set up and procedure of the practicum plan about to happen.

He referred online flexible practicum as an adaptation to the new normal where everything will be done online. He admitted that there are still no companies accepting on-site operations for practicum.

He gave the students option A). Research, which for the Hospitality Management students will be experimental research (product development), for the Tourism Management students it will be a case study on tourism development program of 2 municipalities; option B) Immersion, for both HM and TM students, it will be a total of 400 hours working onsite with the instructor and CITHM activities like webinars, event, etc. He also informed the parents that if they choose option B there will be an additional fee incurred.

Photo screen grabbed during CITHM Coffee Break via ZOOM.

4th TOPIC: Tuition Fee Assessment and Laboratory Fees

            The 4th topic started with the discussion of the Dean himself, Chef Peralta and afterwards, he called the Director of treasury department, Ms. Joy Escurel to further elaborate the miscellaneous fees.

Chef Peralta reiterated the beauty of CITHM program as he explained the miscellaneous fees.

“We are considered as the biggest Hospitality program in Southeast Asia”, said Chef Peralta referring to the CITHM.

As he continues, he presented the courses and specializations offered by the college as well as the diplomas and international certifications that the students will receive when they graduate.

For the main agenda number four (4), he provided charts with the summary of fees depending on programs and year level; he also enlightened the parents about the purpose of laboratory fees and what are those laboratory fees removed and what are those retained; he made sure to provide the computation for teacher’s fee in addition to the transparency for laboratory fees.

The Dean called Ms. Escurel to briefly summarize the miscellaneous fees for the incoming term; she showed the pre-pandemic cost of miscellaneous fees and the existing cost; she also explained that they did a rebate, but there are fees that they cannot easily remove because of its ongoing service and operations.

5th TOPIC: Resumption of Face-to-Face Class

            The last presenter for the last topic is still the Dean, he started the topic by stating that nobody knows when will the pandemic end, but LPU-Laguna is resilient for they strive to do their best and competencies that are required from the students.

“When will be the face to face”, was the question and mutual concern that have been answered by the dean.

He provided an update about the memorandum operation released by CHED, which allows LPU Laguna’s Medical and Allied Courses to Limited face-to-face conduct of laboratory activities starting August (only when GCQ), with the provision of safety and preparedness.

The dean also claimed that the CITHM is already prepared as the CHED announced, although it is not yet official, that next in line for allowing the conduct of face-to-face is the Hospitality/Tourism and Engineering programs.

He tackled the preparation for the face-to-face activities, the SWAB testing of students, the set-up while they are on-site, and the accommodation provided by the university.


Photo screen grabbed during CITHM Coffee Break via ZOOM.

After the discussion of the five (5) main agendas, an open forum was held guided by the moderator, questions overflowed from both parents and students, but the presenters managed to answer all of it clearly.

At the end of the conference, the faculties and the management committees for the event made sure that everyone is satisfied and enlightened with their interaction with the presenters and the information provided.

“We need to take time to talk to the parents because they deserve so much of our attention”, said the Dean, Chef Abram Peralta as his ending statement for his closing remarks.