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April 18, 2021
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Photo Screen grabbed from LPU Laguna CITHM Facebook page


Written by: Crystalene Faye A. Florento, CITHM Asst. Secretary

April 7, 2021 – The LPU Laguna CITHM launched a new project entitled “CITHM Listens” from the brain and effort of its own administrative officials.

Those with access to the students’ questions and personal information that will be included to the CITHM Listens form are only the Dean, Vice Dean, and Program Chair of the college.

“LPU Laguna’s CITHM Department has the biggest number of students among all colleges of the institution. As a result, the college pledge to provide their full attention and respect to all of students queries and concerns about the department’s teaching and learning practices,” stated through the CITHM Laguna’s Facebook page.

It is a link or form that answers all the student’s concerns regarding their subjects, teachers and matters within the domain of LPU Laguna.

“CITHM Listen never fail to address my concerns and questions. They response quicker than I thought and keeps me updated if there are things that needs follow up. As a student, I am happy that the CITHM have this kind of project, it makes me less worried and confuse where to raise my question and concern” said Joshua Calderon, 3rd Year BSIHM-CLOHS student who have experienced CITHM Listens firsthand.

Photo screen grabbed via google form

The form being disseminated is exclusively for CITHM students to fill out. Once the student signs up and confirm with the form, they accept that their personal information will be registered for the purpose of future contact.

The CITHM administrative staffs claimed that the information given by the students will be handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

 CITHM Listens can be accessed through this link