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By Joana Tamaño

Cosmetic products like makeup have come a long way since the early Egyptian times — where it said to be first used. The trend in wearing makeup have been changing and continuously evolving. But one thing is for sure, makeup is being worn to complement one’s innate beauty.

We are now living in a fast-paced society where one must always put his best foot forward. Makeup can boost one’s self-confidence by making them look better.

LPU-Laguna Dangal organized a makeup tutorial seminar entitled Lingkod Dangal: Haggardo Versoza No More for International Travel and Tourism Management students last September 20, 2019. This is the second installment of the organization’s seminar series, this time, the highlight of the event is to help students wear makeup and train them how to be presentable at all times.

FRONT LINERS. ITTM students should be able to present themselves properly as they are the fore runners in the Hospitality Management industry.


Dr. Ryan Gamoso, Program Chair of International Travel and Tourism Management, reiterated the importance of wearing makeup especially for the ITTM students.

“We should wear proper makeup. It is important to all to help improve presenting ourselves. It is useful kasi part ito ng Hospitality Industry”, Gamoso stated in his speech.

ITTM students are being trained to be “front liners” in the hospitality management industry. It is essential that they know how to display confidence and grace while attending to the needs of their clients.

Joshua Andrae Basco, Internal Vice President of LPU-L Dangal, shared his knowledge on what kind of makeup to wear for different kinds of skin tone. He also discussed the importance of wearing the right makeup for a particular event.

Basco also enumerated the different cosmetic products to be used like, cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and lipstick.

Students who attended the seminar received certificate for their attendance and participation.

Makeup has been complementing one’s natural beauty since the first time it was used by ancient people. It is always good to look beautiful on the outside but we must also nurture the beauty that is within us. — JPS

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