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Dr. Peter Laurel ensures the preparedness of LPU-Laguna amidst the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

March 17, 2020
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Hands-on President!:

Emergency Meeting with LPU Laguna President Dr. Peter Laurel ensuring preparedness of strong conduct and activation of online classes amidst ongoing pandemic challenges.

LPU Laguna stand strong on its goal of continuing the conduct of teaching and learning of their teachers and students within the safety of their homes without sacrificing the quality of its daily learning objective. Advance technological platforms and tools are highly utilized and validated by the college experts to ensure valid student outcomes.

With VPOER Cris Malabuyoc, AVP Dennis Catapang, Director, Aileen King Balba, Dean, Mallen Guillido of College of Medicine, Dean Abram Peralta of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the Virtual Learning Education Director Dr. Neil Balba.