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Half-time! Why You Should Be Studying for Your Midterms

December 9, 2014

Christmas break is nearing, and you just can’t wait, can you? Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way; who doesn’t want to temporarily keep our minds off our troubles and just enjoy the holidays with family and friends? However, just because it’s almost vacation time doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax as early as now. Before you can take that respite, you have to face one last challenge: taking your midterms. But you can’t just take it – you have to pass it, for a great deal of your grade for the year hinges on it.

So, if you want to have excellent results and become part of another batch with highest employment rate Philippine graduates, take note of these five more reasons why you should keep studying for your midterms.


It’s a chance to pull up your grades

midterms 2

So you had a bit of a problem with your grades last time. It happens, but don’t let it happen again this time around! You cannot expect to fail your midterms in hopes of acing the finals; it doesn’t work that way. Plus, it adds too much pressure for future you! The best thing you can do is to focus on the now – your midterms. Once you nail it, all you need to do is do the same thing on your finals and you will definitely pass, even if you messed up pretty bad on your prelims (yikes). So before hitting the internet for hangout spots, better hit the books first!


You might do not do well on your finals…


As previously mentioned, you really can’t bank on your still-unearned success during the still-to-happen finals, so it’s best to do your best this midterms. If you did well for midterms and you do your best on your midterms, you’ll have a lot of breathing room for your finals. Plus, you won’t need to cram so much before finals. You might even get a really high grade for the semester!


A lot of lessons are taught during midterms

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Other than scoring high grades, the more important reason why you go to school is to absorb information and learn skills that you will most likely use on your future profession. Therefore, if you want to keep all those things you have learned, then you better shape up. Getting good scores should be a by-product, not the goal you should be trying too hard for. Keep that in mind, and not only will you have better marks, but also better mastery of the lesson.


Finals will be short

midterms 5

If you feel that midterms is just passing you by like the wind, then finals would probably turn out to be a similar case – or even worse.  And if you’re feeling giddy about the upcoming Christmas break, you’ll most likely feel almost exactly the same thing when summer break is coming up during your finals period. Second semester is a lot faster than the first, so you better make the best and most of it. Trust us – you wouldn’t want to wake up on exam day having reviewed nothing.


It’s not easy to focus on your studies when vacation is just around the corner. We get it. However, it’s just going to be a few more days before the break anyway, so you might as well study hard so you’ll feel like you really earned the rest. It’s going to pay off, both during your break and when your grades have been released.