LPU Laguna’s Soaring Employment Rate for its Graduates

Filipinos are known to be a hardworking people, with a vicious resilience to match. They can easily adapt to any working or living condition, which is why they are able to land jobs anywhere in the country, and even the world. Just like undergrowth, Filipinos are a strong race that is able to sprout, strong and indiscriminate, rooted among the economically stable and powerful peoples of the world. Although it may seem like an inherent trait, resilience is developed from a culmination of experiences. And what better experience to hone and prepare youth for employment than college. At Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna, students are intentionally equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in their chosen industry.

What is the Philippines’ current employment rate?

The employment rate of the Philippines over the years has been fluctuating in both the quarterly and yearly surveys. According to aJune 2014 employment rate report by the Philippine Statistics Authority, in recent years, Filipinos have been enjoying the constant rise in the country’s employment rate, from 92.4% in April 2013 to 93% of the same month in 2014. The rate excludes the province of Leyte, which has suffered severely due to the effects of the Typhoon Yolanda which passed by in 2013. Without taking away the figures from Leyte in April 2013, the given quarter’s employment rate would’ve been 92.5%. At present, the rise in employment rate is still sustained.

The growth in employment rate that the country’s indulging in can be attributed to the Filipino resilience and perseverance, which are added weight by their attained education and developed skills. All of this is recognized by the government, and by several other countries, there is a vast pool of employment opportunities open to Filipinos, and it spans the whole world. It is LPU Laguna’s goal to continue this growth in the employment rate of the country by providing top quality education to the Filipino youth.

Given the constant high employment rate, students pursuing their higher education in LPU Laguna are instantly assured of a solid footing in their chosen careers.

Why study in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna?

Although employers have found more job positions to open and offer, employers maintain high standards with regards to the kind of employees they are looking for. This means that just because you are looking for a job, doesn’t mean you may be qualified automatically. You have to have foundations that are graded with top quality. This is where Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna enters in a successful future employee’s life.

Statistics based on surveys conducted by LPU Laguna, from the years 2011 to 2013, show an impressive rate of graduates employed within one year after they’ve marched through their commencement ceremony.

High Employment Rate at LPU Laguna continues to soar in 2014

In the year 2011, already 72% of graduates were employed just within two months, which gradually rose to 75% in the sixth month mark, and further rising at an excellent 92% upon the completion of the year. The same rise took place in 2012, from 46% in the first three months, then jumping into 70% after another three months, before settling at 91% when a full year was reached.

In their 2013 survey, the results showed that the high employment rate of LPU Laguna graduates in the past couple of years was still sustained. From April to July of 2013, already 53% of the respondents were employed. The rate of increase slowed in the next three months, as noted with the 59% employment rate, until making a big leap and arriving at approximately 90% employment rate one year after graduation.

With another academic year ended, a new survey has begun for the year 2014. 463 alumni, who graduated from 2013 – 2014 (non-board academic programs), were invited to complete the Employability survey. 140 or 30% of the invited alumni responded to the invite and were randomly selected to complete the survey that started from April 2014 up to July 2014. Graduates of BSEE, BSECE, BSA, and BSN were not included in the survey. Three months after graduation, already 51% of LPU Laguna graduates are employed.

This is an impressive figure, considering that the first three and six month periods after graduation do not include graduates who have to undergo board exams. The colleges with two of the highest employment rates are the College of Engineering and theCollege of Business and Accountancy, which are 75% and 72% respectively, from the months of April to July 2014.

LPU Laguna continues to produce high quality graduates that have high employability standards fit for any company. They’re definitely a premier school of choice for anyone who wants to be employed soon after graduation by a reputable company.