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January 2019 Alumna of the Month: RENEZA CLAIRE BUAN

January 19, 2019
Alumni of the Month


Year Graduated: 2016
Program: BS Business Administration Major in Marketing Management with specializationof Service Management Program
Recent Position: Order to Fulfillment Partner Support Representative
Company: Sunpower Limited Philippines – ROHQ
“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”
“LPU has provided us, not just high-quality education, but real-life experiences and learnings. It’s not just a school but a “believer” – a believer knowing that even with a tight schedule and having a lot of requirements to pass, you will be able to do it on time because they will also teach you on how to properly manage your time, your way of thinking, prioritization, discipline and focus. Having these learnings, I’m proud to say it was a big help and an opportunity because I’m able to apply it in the real world with confidence and help me get some achievements in my workplace. I want to share with our students who will become future professionals, that LPU is not only an institution but a believer- they will believe in your skills and talents, they will give you so much opportunities to learn not just on your program but on other areas as well and on how to focus and discipline yourself. They will challenge you and even when you’re in doubt because you think and feel that’s specific challenge is one of your weakness, but at the end of the day, you will unexpectedly notice you are raising your hand and tell to yourself, “I MADE IT!” “