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June-July 2019 Alumnus of the Month: Engr. Algefmarc Anthony L. Almocera

August 14, 2019
Alumni of the Month

Engr. Algefmarc Anthony L. Almocera
Year Graduated: 2011
Program: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Recent Position: PH Managing Engineer / Software Architect


“You will fail many times but grit your teeth and try again, crawl if you must but never stop pushing forward. “

“My 5 year-stay in Lyceum was very colorful. I met people who contributed greatly to my growth, not just as an engineer but also as an individual. I actually started my passion in software engineering from a very young age and the people who mentored me took notice of that and pushed my skills to the limit, trusting me to build Lyceum’s very first website as part of the sole student assistant of the MIS department. That experience contributed a lot to my growth as a software engineer. Those were really fun years.


Shout out to Andrew Abrigo and Ayel Mari who was part of the creative team, I did the programming, the UI/UX were all their idea. Dr. Neil Balba, Sir Leo Landicho and the MIS team for allowing us to build Lyceum’s website. The HR Department Dr. Aileen Balba and team for letting me crash in their office while we were developing Lyceum’s website.

Last but certainly not the least, shout out to the Lyceum Spartans Dance Troupe which is now Lyceum Pirates Dance Troupe. The camaraderie, competitive spirit, and interactions we shared kept me away from being holed up in my room and helped me grow my EQ side.

To the students and future practitioners, learn, share and collaborate. Learn not only from the classrooms but also outside and from the people you meet. Share your talents and experiences by joining organizations and collaborating in extracurricular activities. These experiences will contribute greatly to your growth and survival.

Life will be unrelenting and filled with challenges. You will fail many times but grit your teeth and try again, crawl if you must but never stop pushing forward. Remember, the toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire.”