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September 9, 2019
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By Carl Ivan V. Linang


Good leadership is grounded on the ideal that one must service selflessly to the welfare of others. But it must not be denied that a successful governance is also built on trust and cooperation of everyone.


Student leaders from College of Allied Medicine, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Accountancy, College of Engineering and Computer Studies, and College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management attended the annual Student Leaders’ Team Building with the theme, “Built to Last” last September 6, 2019, at Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Inc.


Building a Leadership Culture

CONTINUE TO LEARN NEW THINGS. Acelar, OSA Supervisor, reminded the student leaders that leadership is a continuous learning process.


Leadership is a continuous learning process. One must seek wisdom in order to grow. This is the guiding principle of OSA Supervisor Jeck Acelar – a former student leader herself. She shared her leadership experience and how it transformed her to be a better person. Moreover, she let student leaders in on a trade secret of leadership the Lycean way.


LYCEAN LEADER. Moreno, former LSSC President, reminded the new student leaders to be a role model to other students.



Relatively, Zyra Moreno stated that an ideal Lycean leader is someone who strives for the best not solely for his own good but for the benefit of the people around him. She also added that an ideal Lycean leader must be a role model that selflessly inspires and encourages other youth to become God-centered, innovative, patriotic, and a responsible individual.


Aiming for the Best Lycean Experience


LYCEAN EXPERIENCE. Torres, Executive Director of OSAS, challenged student leaders to uphold the ideals of LPU through extra-curricular activities.




Mr. Christopher C. Torres, Executive Director of Office of Student Affairs and Services, ended the morning session with his talk about extra-curricular activities. He mentioned that these activities are what LPU Alumni remember and cherish the most. Thus, he challenged student leaders to come up with activities that will convey the best Lycean experience.


The Battle of the Bonds

To build a bond that lasts, student leaders underwent team building activities that tested their determination and team work. It included physical and mental activities that helped them improve their knowledge about the school’s core values.

CHAMPIONS. COECS was bagged the highest award in the Team Building contest. CAS and CITHM placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.


College of Engineering and Computer Studies was hailed champion. College of Arts and Sciences placed second while College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management ranked third.

After this annual Student Leader’s Team Building, OSAS is looking forward to a more fruitful and more collaborative Academic Year ahead. – AA / JPS