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September 13, 2019
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by Roschel Mae R. Reyes


It’s time to give back to the ones who have equipped us with knowledge and compassion towards other people. Love and service is what Dr. Maria Teresita de Belen S. Alvaro or fondly called Dr. Terry has taught us – that there should be joy in giving.

Jam for a Cause, a fund-raising concert, was held for Institutional Social Responsibility Office (ISRO) Director, Dr. Maria Teresita de Belen S. Alvaro, last September 12, 2019. This simple concert is arranged and facilitated by different talented lycean volunteers, alumni, and other stakeholders. It was led by the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) and Lyceum Supreme Student Council (LSSC).

Dr. Terry has undergone a sensitive and critical medical operation and is in need of financial support for her on-going medical treatment.


Zyra Moreno, the OSA Student Development Coordinator, stated that they planned and thought of the best way that could raise funds without allotting too much money thus, the inception of “Jam For a Cause”.


LSSC President Michael Algozo also mentioned that the event was not solely focused on collecting funds but also to entertain and showcase the talents of Lyceans.


“A Jam for a Cause ay simple event lang just for us to give some entertainment to the students instead of just collecting some funds for Dr. Terry. We (also) wanted to commemorate Dr. Terry and support her fight kumbaga.” – Michael Algozo, LSSC President.


An Ongoing Battle of Recovery

RESPONSE TO CALL FOR HELP. Dr. Flora Javier, EVP and VPAA, gave the opening remarks and reminded us to pray for the recovering Dr. Terry.


Aside from this fund-raising concert, Dr. Flora also communicated with other people to raise funds for the hospital bills of Dr. Terry. “We were able to raise quite a substantial amount that will be enough to help her,” Dr. Flora added.

Dr. Terry has already been operated and currently recuperating. Dr. Flora asked every
Lycean to pray for the ISRO Director whose husband recently passed away.

According to Dr. Flora, Dr. Terry is proud and happy that she has the LPU family helping on the battles.


Performing for One Big Cause

AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE. Kate Meceda from CBA officially started the first performance with her angelic voice.



Kate Meceda performed first and serenaded the crowd with her angelic covers of “Isn’t She Lovely” and “Fly Me To The Moon.”

Johnette Natividad sang “Two Less Lonely People” with full of emotions. Joyal Kates Duque also sang.

Various students from COECS, CITHM, and CAS also showcased their outstanding vocal ranges and groovy dance moves.



SIZZLING LYNX. CITHM Lynx dance troupe showcased their hot moves on stage.


HEARTFELT MASTERPIECE. A spoken word poetry was performed by Mark Jico Dente from CAM who left the audience in awe with his piece



LIVE FOR A CAUSE. Barrio Berde serenading the crowd with their amazing vocals and instrumentals.






SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE. Dr. Terry (3rd from left) has initiated numerous community extensions and outreach programs under the Institutional Social Responsibility Office. Photo Courtesy of ISRO.



Dr. Terry has been with LPU-Laguna since 2014. She’s known for her compassion because of her eager desire to conduct community extensions and outreach programs.


That is why. this time she’s in need of help, it’s our turn to help in return. Now that she’s in her current situation, it’s time to make her feel through our support and through our prayers that we’re here for her as her family.” Dr. Celia Tibayan, Dean of CAS, stated. She also added that it is an indication that LPU does have that familial culture. — AA/JPS