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LPU Laguna commemorates Laurels’ Legacies in the Founder’s Lecture

February 8, 2021
20th Foundation Celebration, Activity, Latest News

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The event commenced with the statement of purpose headed by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lerma Y. Calingasan as she expressed the relevance of the Founder’s Lecture in the annual program.
“We shall never forget that in everything we do as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Jose P. Laurel and Dr. Sotero H. Laurel, everything that we do is for God and country,” reminded Dr. Calingasan.

The first lecturer, introduced by Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean Christopher Dennis E. Catapang, was Filipino historian Professor Michael “Xiao” Chua.

With the lecture, entitled: Ama, Anak: Si Jose at Sotero Laurel at ang Pamana ng Kanilang Buhay at Kaisipan, he shared his perspective beyond those who already knew Sotero Laurel and how the father and son shaped the Filipino nation and education.

He emphasized that the idea of history is to humanize stoned monuments for them to be recognized by younger generations.

“You may already know the stories, but it is important that we should remember and reiterate it,” added Prof. Chua.

The second lecturer was LPU-Laguna’s former Executive Vice President Dr. Flora V. Javier who shared anecdotes of how Dr. Sotero H. Laurel worked and interacted with them.

“As a public servant, he prioritized education and economic recovery. He envisioned the Philippines where education is made accessible to all Filipinos and his love for education served the fire that made him found the LPU-Batangas,” Dr. Javier remarked.

She also shared her personal encounter with Dr. Sotero H. Laurel which made her realize the critical role of a leader, which entails responsibility to support and motivate teachers who can provide quality education in the institution.

Dr. Javier stated that the unique and prominent culture of in the LPU community contributed widely in sustaining its legacy of excellence.