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LPU-L’s CAS Faculty, Jonh Paul R. Seño, joins the Asia-Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators, Inc. (APCoRE)

September 26, 2019
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PASAY CITY, PHILIPPINES (September 20, 2019) — Research is continuously paving ways to innovate things and contribute to knowledge production. Asia-Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators, Inc. (APCoRE) organized a 3-day Convention and International Conference with the theme, “Innovation in the Changing Landscape of Research Environments. It was attended by scholars, researchers and educators from different institutions here and abroad.


KNOWLEDGE SHARING. Dr. Bernarte pointed out the importance of research conference because it becomes an avenue to share knowledge.


This convention is an avenue to share knowledge through research outputs. Dr. Racidon Bernarte, Managing Director of APCoRE-Philippines, mentioned, “Significant output should be shared. Basically, knowledge should be shared and research outputs produced knowledge that we need to share.”

Research experts were invited to share their views on the importance of research in different fields. Among the invited keynote speakers were Haniza Hanim Mohd Zain, Dean of Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Sultan Idris Education University in Malaysia, Dr. Feorillo Demetri III, Director of Research Coordination Office at De La Salle University, Dr. Hai Dai, Founder of WOW Bali Global Initiatives in Indonesia, Dr. Lourdes Portus, Executive Director of Philippine Social Science Council, Dr. Leonardo De Castro, Chairman, Philippine Health Research Ethics Board, Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres, President of Technological University of the Philippines and Senator Joel Villanueva.

INNOVATE RESEARCH. Senator Villanueva stated that since research promotes innovation there should also be innovation in research.


Villanueva, in his speech, highlighted the importance of research to promote innovation thus, emphasizing that there should also be innovation in research. Relatively, he mentioned 3 things we can do to have more researches and researchers in the country. These are: (1) we could create more and better mechanisms to increase access to research funding and to enhance support mechanisms for researchers, (2) we can give incentives to motivate university staff and faculty members to embark into research and (3) we could provide for marketing and ease of access to university research outputs, results and findings through the use of popular media.




PARALLEL SESSION. Delegates from different institution presented their research outputs in different parallel sessions.


Aside from plenary sessions, the conference also included several parallel research sessions where the delegates presented their researches.

OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE AND LEARN. Seño as he presents his research.


Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna was represented by Jonh Paul R. Seño of College of Arts and Sciences. He presented his research entitled Evaluation of GMA News TV’s Investigative Documentaries by its Facebook Followers.

He stated that APCoRE Convention and International Conference offered an opportunity for researchers to present their studies and at the same time build linkages with other institutions and agencies.

Dr. Bernarte considered this event as a success. He uttered, “We are very happy and thankful to all APCoRE members and of course to our academic partners. When we organize conference we make sure that we have academic partners with us.

Rizal Technological University, Taguig City University and Technological University of the Philippines are the academic partners for this year’s conference.



APCore is also launching their Journal of Knowledge and Innovations which they aim to be indexed in Scopus and International Scientific Indexing (ISI) – among the largest abstract and citation databases in the world.

“Part of the mechanism, of course, that we are doing, we are inviting the members of APCoRE, especially the international advisers [who] are experts in their own field and they are editors of Scopus and ISI index journals. They have experience in indexing their journals.”



To further strengthen the organization’s vision to be a prime mover of research excellence in the Asia-Pacific Region, this year, they established the National Councils. They started with the Philippine Council and in the upcoming years the Malaysian Council, Thailand Council, Indonesian Council and Indian Council.

The next APCoRE international conference is set to be held in New York City.