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LPU presents research in world conference

April 29, 2016
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Group picture with the organizers
Group picture with the organizers
Ms. Mariel Jade Monteagudo presenting her research


Our professor, Ms. Anna Corina Kagaoan and two of our fresh graduates, Jean Marini Advincula and Mariel Jade Monteagudo presented their research papers in the 2nd World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2016 with the theme “Technology: Its Impact on Media and the Way we Communicate” held in Bangkok, Thailand last April 21-22, 2016.

The 2nd World Conference on Media and Mass Communication is organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) hosted by the University of Northern Colorado School of Communication in media partnership with asianNGO. The said event is participated with over two hundred participants from over thirty countries.

One of the presentor, Ms. Advincula, “Participating in a prestigious conference together with all the learnings from the academe not only made me realize how important research is but also exposed me to new horizons. That learning is beyond the four corners of classroom neither the premises of the school. It is everywhere. I’m thankful for being one of the representatives of LPU-Laguna in MedCom 2016. Thanks be to God for the wonderful opportunity!”

Also, the other presentor, Ms. Monteagudo said, “Being one of the Filipino delegates in the 2nd World Conference on Media and Mass Communication is truly an honor, not to mention that I am surrounded by professionals and experts in our field. All hard works have been paid off the moment I presented in front of a crowd with different nationalities the undergrad thesis I’ve done with my partner, Anne Kaileen Ramos. It is really an elusive opportunity I’m thankful the school had provided me. The encouragements, lessons, trainings, and support of our professors had helped me be equipped efficiently to present myself and research paper well.  This rare experience I had is an advantage and an additional credential that nobody can take away from me in the real world I’m about to venture. And with that, I know I wouldn’t be suitable and ready enough if it’s not because of LPU-Laguna.”