Multimedia Arts Course | Enjoy Sembreak Without Wasting It

Now that you’re in college, make use of all your breaks to the fullest. Because once you graduate, there will no longer be any long periods of vacation, thanks to the real world – the world of work. And when you’re already in that world, you’ll be wondering where all those carefree days have gone.

So if you’re the student of a rigorous multimedia arts course in the Philippines, and you just want to enjoy but still be “productive”, here are five things you can do that will turn your sembreak into a memorable and productive one.


Read a book

Read a Book

I know you’ve been reading books all semester long and have done the same thing in previous semesters. However, there’s more to books than just textbooks that are heavy on the backpack and the brain; there are also books that you read just for fun. Give reading novels or collections of short stories a try. Not only will you have fun imagining worlds and characters, but also learn more words, which you can add to your vocabulary. Reading is enjoyable and has a lot of benefits, so give it a shot.


Road trip

road trip

Because nobody is going to school anytime soon, the highways will be headed to adventure. Grab a few bags of chips, bottles of cool drinks, a few friends, and a ride – you’re going on a road trip. Think of places you’ve never been to but always wanted to see, or ask your friends where they want to go. Either way, you’re going to have tons of fun, because what counts is the journey, not the destination.


Visit your extended family

Family Reunion

It’s more than likely that they missed you, and it’s more than likely that you missed them as well. So when your mom or dad tells you that you’ll be visiting your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, don’t tell them that you just want to stay at home and stare at your Facebook news feed. Instead, pack your bags, because it’s due time you got reconnected with the rest of the family.


Get some screen time

Watching A Movie

While you were slaving away with all the schoolwork you had to finish, the whole world was watching TV shows and movies to their heart’s content. And now that your toiling for academic excellence is put on hold, it’s time for you to catch up on what’s hot on the big and small screen. And while you’re at it, ask your friends to watch with you. Sure, it’s less popcorn for you, but a show is definitely more fun with more eyes watching it.


Catch up on your health

giphy (1)

In order to cover a lot of chapters for the long exams and finish your paper before the deadline, you probably had to forego a few meals and a few hours of sleep. And since you’re swamped, you also probably didn’t have time to exercise either. Now that your busy schedule has been freed, maybe it’s time to make it up to your body. Sleep eight hours a day, eat the right kinds and amount of food, and get your blood running with physical exercise. Because you’ve given your body the much-needed care it deserves, you’ll feel better and more ready to face not only the vacation, but also the next semester.

Just because you’re not in school doesn’t mean you’ll be doing nothing all day long. Follow these five suggestions and you’re sure to have a semester break so epic you’ll remember it after many years to come.

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