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Perks of Being a Student Leader

January 19, 2015

A Student Leader is typically defined as a student who serves as a leader to his co-students and shows good sense of responsibility in his/her academic. Sometimes, when we hear that one of our classmates is one of the student leaders, random things pops up to our mind like, he’s popular yet boastful and a nerdy-type person in terms of academics. Well, in reality, a student leader is a good balancer and an easy-to-go-with person. Why a good balancer? Because he/she can balance his/her due responsibilities to the students and due responsibilities to his/her parents. Though we are actually sent to school to just focus on studying, accepting such responsibilities is not that advisable. But still, here we are, we accepted these additional responsibilities to serve our dear good schoolmates.

It is hard, yet fulfilling in the end. While we’re preparing for an event, we experienced different kinds of hardships like sleepless nights, going home late and some additional demand of needs from others. But when the actual activity is happening, you just feel nothing, you will be just thinking of the main goal of the activity which is to accomplish it successfully and to satisfy everyone who will take part of it. Then, when we were actually about to finish an event, the feeling of success will suddenly grow inside of us. “Ah, grabe! Sobrang fulfilling talaga kapag nakakapagpasaya ka ng ibang tao.” Every after an event, evaluation never comes out of our way because we also need to hear the comments and suggestions of our co-organizers for the improvement of ourselves for our next projects. Though there are some not so fulfilled comments about the event, there are still a lot more positive comments. But also, we are still considering all the negative comments to use as our guide to improvement for our next events.

It took time to build the bond that we have right now. So as of now, we treat each other like brothers and sisters, as a family. We crack jokes and have a lot of fun. They’re really like my second family. And the best thing about this is when my real family met them here at our school, my parents then knew that I’m with good people and I’m not prone into bad things. And so that they won’t have to really always worry about me whenever I’m still not home early.