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Where and Who You Are: What Your Place in Class Says About Your Personality

November 25, 2014

Whether you’ve been assigned a seat by someone or you chose it yourself, it’s undeniable that where you sit in class affects your academic and personal life in school – even your personality. If you look at the whole class from the front, you’ll see that there is some truth to it.

Though it’s not true in all cases, it’s fun to pretend that it is – especially with your own class. So if you’re in the best accountancy school in the Philippines or somewhere else, check out these hit-or-miss personality predictions that can give you a laugh or two.


Front: The Achiever/The Cautious

Front Row

It’s dangerous to be in front of the class. As if it’s not bad enough that professors have eagle eyes that see almost everything, you just had to sit (or be seated) in the row where he or she doesn’t have to use his or her power to clearly see the shenanigans you could be up to – doodling, chatting with your seatmate, or even sleeping. But you won’t do any of that – you’re either too wary of what the professor will do to you or too interested with what he or she’s teaching. If you’re the former, then you’re The Cautious, ever-vigilant of your actions so that you won’t get into trouble. If you’re the latter, then you’re unmistakably The Achiever, who’s so intent in learning that you put yourself in the danger zone.


Near The Windows: The Daydreamer


Whether the entire class is laughing out, focused on the lecture, or is discussing among themselves serious matters, The Daydreamers are still checking out the scenery, interested in whatever’s happening outside even though the view consists of the same people, cars, buildings, and trees. Or maybe it’s not about what they’re looking at, but what they’re thinking and the worlds they’re imagine while they’re looking at those mundane objects. Hence, their much-deserved title. Well, whatever those thoughts may be, they’re most likely not about their academics.


Exact Middle: The Center of Attention


Though the front is generally a dangerous place, it doesn’t beat being in the exact middle. This is because an entire row in the front, but the middle? Only you. And since you are the sole soul in the core of the classroom, expect to be asked to recite a lot of times and asked about your opinion about a particular topic. And since the focus on you is just as great as that of the ones in the front – or maybe even greater, you have no choice but to be on your best behavior.


Back: The Sneaky

Sneak In

If you have something to hide, then head to the back row and become a Sneaky. Need to nap because of a project? Intending to have a chat with someone without getting caught? Want to play a video game while the professor babbles? Arrived late and you don’t want the grand entrance plus 21 questions treatment? Get in the rear. But don’t rely on it too much. You, or even the best Sneaky, don’t want to be there if your professor is discussing something that can make or break your grade. Besides, some of the professors were Sneaks before. They know what you’re up to; they just don’t want to put you on the spot.


Near The Wall: The Wallflower


If you’re a Wallflower, you most likely envy the Daydreamers. The Wallflowers have no view to look at, only a wall of solid concrete. To make things worse, you only have one seatmate. And if that person is not only unhelpful but also annoying, it’s easy to lose your mind as a Wallflower. Keep it together; it’s just for one semester.


Others Not Mentioned: The Rest of the Crowd


Sorry. It’s not that you’re not special; it’s just that the place you’re in isn’t. But hey, at least you’re not defined by where you chose to sit.


Was the list accurate for you? Well, whether it was or wasn’t, it doesn’t matter. What does is that you had a good laugh and are now ready sit in class to learn.