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The Pro in Procrastination: 5 Signs You’re An Expert Crammer

November 19, 2014

The deadline is fast approaching. The countdown that began long ago will end in a matter of hours, causing almost everyone to panic – except a selected few. Why their calmness despite the coming storm? Because they have mastered the art of procrastination. From the best school in Laguna to the any other college in the country, they are the sages of cramming.

Do you know them? Are you one of them? Maybe you’re already one, you just don’t know it yet. If you want to be sure, check out this list of descriptions that make a pro procrastinator.

A pro procrastinator –

Doesn’t like discussing responsibilities

pro procrastinator 1

If a long-term project is almost due, almost all lips will be flapping about it, save the pro procrastinators. While members of the class ask among themselves how they’re faring with the requirement, the masters of cramming act as if it’s business as usual, because for them it is. While everyone is almost or even panics, they just smile or even laugh at everyone else’s reactions, knowing they themselves will just have to deal with it ‘later’.

Still does leisurely activities

pro procrastinator 2

A pro procrastinator who will have a test tomorrow morning, but hasn’t read a single paragraph of his textbook yet. However, he is breezing through the current chapter of the novel he is reading and still has enough drive to finish the next. Then he texts a couple of his pals for a good hour. Then once he’s done, he drops everything and gets on reviewing. The best part? He manages to pass, and not just barely. Now that is a master at work. If you’re doing the same thing, then you’re probably one too.

Just smiles or laughs when asked –

pro procrastinator 3

“Hey, are you guys done with the requirement?” a panicked soul asks the master crammers. In all honesty, they haven’t done anything yet, so they tell the truth and flash a smug smile. How can they act as if there’s nothing to worry about? Because for them, nothing actually is; they’re just going to go home, do the stuff they like, and finally do what they have to and submit it on time. How about you, are you done with the assignment you’re due? If yes, yet you’re not getting cold feet as you read this (should you really be surfing the net and reading articles right now?), then you might also be a master crammer.

Can stay up late with ease

pro procrastinator 4

Sleep is nice, but not for a student who isn’t done yet with what he’s supposed to submit in the morning. And for the worst part, it’s not (just) a want but a need, so your body will force you into it. But if you can effortlessly trick your body into foregoing sleep in an effort to accomplish your requirements without turning into a zombie in the morning, then you have what it takes to be a pro procrastinator. Don’t overdo it though – you don’t want to get sick, and sickness doesn’t procrastinate!

Invites people to hang out with

pro procrastinator 5

“Guys, this really cool movie is playing in the cinema, who wants to watch it with me?” your classmate asks. Of course, nobody in the right mind would come with him, since it’s a few days before this semester’s project is due. But then there are people who are seemingly crazy enough tag along. Well, they’re not crazy; they’re just pro procrastinators. And if you come with them, then welcome to the club.

I bet you now think that pro procrastinators are cool people, right? Well, they are and they’re not. After all, although cramming does get things done, it’s not exactly the most efficient way to do so. However, for what it’s worth, it’s an invaluable skill and an inevitable part of student life, one that you hope you never have to use again, but probably will. Constantly. Good luck!