A Mass Bloodletting Activity was held at the B3 room of LPU-L, January 9, which is primarily done by the Asian Hospital and Medical Center and also with the help of students from the College of Allied Medicine.

The mass bloodletting served as one of the activities in celebrating the CAM Week, plus it was also meant for the promotion of good health and the donations of blood that will surely help a lot of people. This activity also served as a great experience for the CAM students to become more familiar in their line of work.

There are a lot of benefits for the blood donors, some of the benefits that it gives to the ones who donated are as follows: it lowers the risk of heart diseases because it normalizes the amount of iron in our blood which is involved in cholesterol oxidation that is bad in our arteries; it boosts the production of new cells which is good overall plus it will also make our skin look nicer; it may reduce the risk of getting cancer by the reduction of amount of iron in our system, and a whole lot more.

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