Last July 24, 2014, ISA or the International Students Association conducted a Cultural Diversity Seminar-Workshop entitled “Ideas that shaped the World, Focusing on texts and ideas across time and cultures” held at the JPL Multimedia Center, Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna. It was indeed a mind-opener to everyone about acceptance of different cultures and adaptation of diversity nowadays.


The awesome speaker Mr. Paulo quoted that “ Whatever you say about others, tells more about you”. It goes to show that saying bad things to the people around us makes us nonetheless bad persons as well.We should understand and accept their culture first before we react. I, myself was a witness of how kind-hearted International Students are when I’ve got to work with their president Ifunanya Stephanie Mokwuah. All we need is to know them more and befriends with them.


The goals of the seminar was not just reached but was even exceeded because of the efforts of ISA students with the collaboration to Youth-In-Action and Lyceum Supreme Student Council. As the saying goes by, give RESPECT if you want others to RESPECT YOU BACK.


By: Ma. Lorielle Cruz