The Guidance and Testing Center conducted a seminar entitled and themed “My Future is What I Do Today: Enhancing Decision-Making Skills for Life” held January 7, at the LPU-L Audio Visual Room, 4th floor, JPL Building.

The seminar started with an opening prayer by Ms. Elvie Mendoza then the seminar proper which contained the whole meat of the program by Ms. Felisse Marianne Z. San Juan, and later ended with the closing remarks of Ms. Maria Rochelle R. Sasuya. This seminar was for the students of LPU-L to help them in making everyday decisions for their life. A fragment from the letter of the Guidance says that, “Every day, students are overwhelmed with decisions, big and small. They will encounter different situations and choices in life that they may find it hard to choose. Effective decision making is a key aspect of quality career-life planning.”

Overall, the seminar was meant to help the students in making wise decisions for their future lives and also explained to them that it is not really hard to make decisions unless you know what your values and goals in life is.


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