As the school year starts, students of  LPU  International School should once again choose their leaders who will manage most student activities for the entire school year. This is also in consonance with the Lyceum core value of Leadership.

To make it easier and challenging, student leaders organized their own political parties,  the Y.O.L.O.S and Y.E.H.E.T. There were candidates who chose not to be either party and ran  as independentls.



The Candidates

Young Outstanding Leaders of the Sociuety (Y.O.L.O.S.)

  • President Jan Marie Alecsandra T. Capulong
  • Vice President Hans Jedrik Josef M. Baraquiel
  • Secretary Kachina Raymundo Opulgencia
  • Treasurer Ashley Cunanan Matias

Young Energetic Hyper & Encouraging Teens (Y.E.H.E.T.) Party

  • President: Aimee Joleen M. Burgos
  • Vice President: Jancelle Valerie S. Hadji Latiph
  • Secretary: Princess Doreen P. Nepomuceno
  • Treasurer: Lorelyn C. Mundin

Independent Candidates


  • Crela Canta
  •  Lance Alfonso P. Enabore
  • Jill Keana A. Solis


  • Christian Jerome C. Cabading
  • Princess Danycka P.  Nepomuceno
  • Aubrey Anne Malijan Molinyawe

All the candidates were given the chance to go from room to room to campaign either as a party or as an independent candidate three days before the election. .

The Miting de Avance was held on August 18 at the AVR. All the candidates presented their party and individual platforms. The Open Mike session followed where students took turns in asking questions to the candidates. It was a lively and long exchange between and among all the high school students.

Immediately after the Miting de Avance, students went back to their classrooms which served as polling precincts.

The election process simulated the national elections before the introduction of the PCOS machines. Manual counting was done by the teachers led by Mr. Nicolo Agulto and Mr. Rafael Engle. On August 20, the winners are proclaimed and took their oath of offices before Ms. Mayette Manalo of the Office of Student Services.

The Newly Elected Officers of the Junior Lyceum Student Council

Jan Marie Alecsandra T. Capulong


Hans Jedrik Josef M. Baraquiel

Vice President

Lance Alfonso P. Enabore


Ashley C. Matias