Viva Pirata!

It was indeed a PIRATES’ FEAST. During the grand freshmen day celebration, it was announced that LPU-Laguna officially changed its mascot name from “Spartans” to “Pirates”, adopting the icon used by the rest of the LPU schools.


The highlights of the event include the Mr. & Ms. Freshmen, Get Involved Booth Fair, and the performance of the Retazo Band.


Candidates from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Mr. Victor Angelo Aranza and Linsy Adams, were hailed as Mr. & Ms. Freshmen 2015. In the Get Involved Booth Fair, different student organizations set up their own creative and interactive booths, as a way also of recruiting members from the new breed of Lyceans. The last part of the event was a grand party celebration with different bands, featuring the Retazo band.

The said event was organized by the Office of Student Affairs & Services and the Lyceum Supreme Student Council (LSSC).

(Photos courtesy of Voyage & LYMMACS)

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