Every year since 2014, Graduating Students of the LPU Laguna Multi Media Arts (MMA) course have been constantly challenged to outdo their predecessors with visually creative and interactive culminating exhibits. From traditional Visual digital art works to 3D Art pieces students and faculty members alike have been captivated to transition from observer, to participant to art appraiser.

This year, MMA Graduates of 2016 were tasked to build and design ‘COOBIES’—French- inspired paper craft toys in a shape of a cube. It sounds simple enough, but your professor is big on art and commitment, he would encourage you to think outside the box and inspire you to ‘go big or go home’– and students took this challenge literally. “We wanted something that will not just draw the crowd; we wanted to tap on something familiar while inspiring creativity… We hope that this will help young students to think differently and to shed new light about their initial impressions of what interactive art is supposed to be,” says Multi-Media Arts Professor, Jeric Concepcion.

The COOBIES were scaled to 6 feet in height to create higher visual impact while the students were encouraged to design their work to express their understanding of art, illustration and street- culture.

The exhibit is the culmination of the aesthetic knowledge learned, practiced and acquired during the coursework of the Multi Media Arts students.

With the support from CAS Dean, Ms. Cel Tibayan and the patronage received from the VP of Administration, Mr. Cris Malabuyoc, the COOBIE Exhibit was a riveting success, with over 200 students visiting within the first hour of its opening.

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