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By Carl Ivan Linang

We often see Gary Valenciano performs on stage showcasing his vocal prowess accompanied by gracious dance moves, deserving of the moniker, Mr. Pure Energy. He used this same energy last May 29, 2019 not to entertain but to inspire students of Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna in his talk entitled Face to Face.

Gary V. presented his lighter yet more spirited side, different from the usual vivacious artist we know. He opened up himself, his heart, to all the people who attended the intimate event. He shared his story and the lessons he learned in his 35 years in the entertainment industry.

He believes that his mission is not just to entertain but to encourage the younger generation to be brave and optimistic in a harsh world full of negativity. He plans to visit 35 schools and spread positivity and life lessons to the youth. LPU-L is his 15th school.

Personal interaction can make a difference if we want to influence the youth, Valenciano said. He believes that it will be more impactful if more people will reach out to the younger generation.


“I think it would be good if more people would go out and take time, spend time with the youth. So that the youth get human interaction more than anything else. Because that is the difference when they hear the intonation of the voice. They hear, see and sense the sincerity of those that really want to help the youth today,” Valenciano uttered in his interview after the talk.


He further added that this activity will help the graduating students to prepare themselves on facing the world outside school.

To the delight of the attendees, he performed a heart-warming song number. Students were also given a chance to ask questions at the end of his talk.

This activity is an integrated personality and character enhancement, identity formation and social-emotional development program that will prepare the youth on addressing different issues of life.

Office of Student Affairs and Services and Guidance and Testing Center initiated the said event.

For more information watch this report by CommSoc Patrol:


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