Before I enter college, I already made up my mind and decided to take up Maritime courses or any allied fields. The reason is I want to work on a cruise ship like the Oasis of the Sea, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Epic and the Norwegian Breakaway. I also want to travel to different places and voyage into the biggest sea in the world.

I am happy seeing anything related to Maritime like the anchor, navigator, compass, North Star and even the ship. I am really into the path of working on the sea, I guess.

At first some people even my family disagree about my chosen field they also became curious and think that I may not fit in that kind of industry but then they realize it’s not about them it’s about me and my passion.

Aboard a ship is my ultimate dream. I know it will soon come into reality just put dedication and hard work on everything that I do. Be patient because there’s always a right time for everything especially those that really matters.

And today I taking up Cruise line Operation in Hotel Services here at Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna as a first year student. I am very glad and lucky to be part of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

I hope to learn everything even the tiny details of being a future seafarer. I also want to be professional on my chosen career and be well educated. Yes, well educated not well trained.

I trusted LPU – L to be my stepping stone in the near future. I know that it’s been too more years but, I assure that I will always be dedicated and passionate on my chosen field.

Looking myself four years from now is very exciting and at the same time tricky and pressure because we do not know what the future holds. But I will stay true to my vision and goals and that is being a seafarer.