Being able to appreciate the entire experience of college – the good ones and the bad – make it all worthwhile in the end. This is the happy thought we vigorously hold on to. But before this thought is realized, we will encounter mountains of workload, tons of paperwork to finalize, theses, annoying people and that all jazz we call college.

Now, don’t stress yourself about a job yet. This is not a thing to worry about as the highest employment rate of Philippine graduates comes from the best school that will hone you into being the best you can be – that is our goal for you.

College is where you shape your future through your performances – and not just “solo performances”, sometimes you’re gonna have to work with an “ensemble” of people. So, whether you like it or not and regardless of your excitement or bummer sighs, that assigned project will have to get done as a team (as it should be, but that isn’t always the case).

Yey! Groupmates.. O.o

So to make you aware of the people you may possibly encounter in your professor’s version of spin dating, here are a few of those people you might become spin groupmates with:

Unintentionally Anti-Social – The Brilliant Mind

As much as school is a place for the magical wonders of socializing, not everyone is fond of the thrilling concept of interpersonal communication. They may be introverts, geniuses or something… but talkative and outgoing charismas aren’t one of their specialties.

Unintentionally Anti-Social

They may be bad at expressing themselves but they sure have a lot to contribute. Have him commit to doing background research, making the analysis illustrations and reference listing. Also, let him explain difficult parts of your topic rather than the whole thing. This will avoid any misunderstanding, considering his interpersonal boundaries’ sensitivity.

Manyana Warrior – The Expert Crammer

Seems like the manyana habit lives on – and this guy is the ambassador! Filipinos have been known well for their many charming characteristics. And while this is quite treated as a novelty quality, it isn’t anywhere near convenient for the people waiting for that paper or research from you.

look at all this work i haven't done yet

The Manyana Warrior is one who would put urgent tasks aside until they are timely needed – as we would put it, the expert crammer. This person would procrastinate at every project or group assignment and always do it later or “mamaya na”, hence the properly bestowed title. Yes, you were excited to have him or her be your groupmate or partner as they have always seemed to be that awesomely competent and witty classmate.

But as unfortunate as a dung beetle, you’re left to roll that big ball of dung alone until he catches up and helps you at the last minute. Don’t let this happen, help yourself by helping them as well. You do the early research tasks and let him do the last minute edits, and the presentation as well, as this is where they do best anyway.

AWOL Officer – Ghost Member

It isn’t only Houdini’s elephant that will be missing this semester. Aside from your manyana warrior’s lack of urgency, a groupmate seems to be missing… or AWOL rather – Who is this mysterious ghost member?

Ghost Member

Out of all the group meetings you’ve had, he’s attended none. He doesn’t even show up to class! You would think it’s okay to just let him fail the project, but once your teacher says “every member is to help with the presentation” you know it is law.

So let this guy help out in written reports, ahead of time so that their absences wouldn’t be an invalid reason. Just let the teacher know of the trouble they gave you for the proper grade to be given, but never sacrifice the group’s sake for the inconvenience of the AWOL officer. Maybe he has a lot of things to take care of. You never know.

Huh?-dini – The Slow Learner

There will come a time when you don’t get to pick your groupmates or partners. Although this may be that great opportunity to work with some of your best classmates, it may also come as a challenge when you are faced with the most difficult peers a student’s patience can handle – the Huh?-dini.

Dumb Blonde

Unlike the unintentionally anti-social, this fella’ couldn’t comprehend just what you will actually be working on. They will be pretty helpful and be a totally reliable mate, but he just doesn’t know your project’s whole concept. Lend him or her a hand by letting them proofread the group’s work. Let them work with you so you can explain to them how it goes. You wouldn’t want to deprive a group member a chance to learn.

Pack Leader – The Project Captain

As all groups have their mixed bunches, there will always be an officer that would help them get to their goal – The Project Captain.

The Project Captain

He or she is most likely the team leader. Without them, bunches of uncoordinated members would miss deadlines and fail their goals every day. The Project Chief always has everything on point: doing, planning and delegating tasks. So don’t forget to volunteer for the task you’re certain you can do. This will save time, and the effort to have unnecessary meetings about delegating more work for extra credits.

Most of you may have met at least one of these troublesome members through this semester. If you’re patient enough, you’d probably give them lots of second chances for different extra credits. Either way, what is important is that you do research well and execute them well, together, as a team.

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