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Academic Industry Linkage - Lyceum of the Philippines University Building


Palaestra Consortio Office is the Academic Industry linkage Arm of LPU-Laguna. Serving as the institution’s channel to industry, it moves to keep LPU-Laguna at the forefront of industry-based academic innovation and foster meaningful relationships with industry.

Palaestra Consortio’s thrust for rue industry-based education is strengthened by more than 100 partner companies supporting LPU-Laguna’s vision.

Palaestra Consortio enriches LPU-Laguna’s the academic industry linkage experience through consistent dialogue and various activities with industry and its leaders, all of whom share the vision of uplifting the quality of education of the Philippines.

The quality of learning and development depends heavily on the sustainable relationship between academia and industry. At LPU-Laguna, focus is given to strengthen ‘knowledge and practice’ through Palaestra Consortio.

At LPU Laguna, we prepare our students to be ready for the industry. We complement our teaching through case studies and industry exposure by way of Summer Internships, Projects, on the job trainings etc. The academic industry linkages at LPU-Laguna cover a range of diverse programmes in learning, research and development that are conducted in association with leading professional trainers. LPU-Laguna has partnered with a number of organizations which helps us prepare the students to the expectations of the industry.

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A society envisioned to uplift the economy and the quality of living of the Filipino through active relations between the academe and various sectors of business and industry.


The Palaestra Consortio Office is consists of individuals who aims to strengthen the ties between academe and industry and continuously aiming for career growth of every LPU-Laguna students through internships and various industry based program. The office spearheads an Industry Relations Council that is represented by LPU-Laguna College Deans. The office under the directives of the Business Development Director.

Palaestra Consortio Office:
Tel No: (049) 502-3327
Fax No: (049) 502-3327