History of CAM (College of Allied Medicine)


In the year 2002, the Commission on Higher Education approved the establishment of Lyceum-St. Cabrini School of Health Sciences, Inc. (LSC). The college venture combines and builds on the strengths of the educational tradition of Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna and the health care capabilities of St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center. Both institutions are committed to providing leading edge health care to patients by serving as an educational resource to the neighbors in surrounding communities and the country as a whole The first course offering of LSC is Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


LPU-St. Cabrini School of Health Sciences (LPU-SC) is one of the internationally recognized educational institutions in the country whose graduates are preferred by healthcare organizations, continuously providing high quality education that are carried out in multiple settings and in various strategic locations.


We are an educational institution committed to helping shape a dynamic health care
environment through adequate preparation of our students for gainful employment and responsible citizenship.

We shall attain our mission through knowledge infusion, skills development and
values formation.

Academic Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program which aims to prepare a fully functioning nurse who upon completion of the program is expected to demonstrate beginning professional competencies and shall continue to assume responsibility for personal and professional development, and who further uses research findings or results in the practice of the profession.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Medical technologist also called Medical Laboratory Scientist is an allied health professional who exercises technical and scientific functions in medical

They work in all areas of the clinical laboratory and perform full range of laboratory tests. In addition, they receive the patient specimens,
interpret, and report accurate result to doctors.

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology

The Radiologic Technology education aims to provide the country with dynamic, competent, socially-conscious and ethical  Radiologic Technologist concerned with the application of state-of-the–art scientific techniques in medical imaging and therapy.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a four-year degree course which aims to prepare a scientifically competent pharmacist to provide pharmaceutical services required in health care delivery. The program ensures that its graduates possess the knowledge, skills, aptitude and competencies.

Doctor of Optometry

Optometrists have an important role to play in blindness prevention. The profession is in high demand, globally.  As people age, vision deteriorates and a pair of eyeglasses is often the basic  remedy. Chronic diseases with high prevalence like diabetes, hypertension, macular degeneration and  glaucoma are often manifested as blurred vision and the optometrist is usually the first to see these cases and  refers them to the appropriate medical specialists. 

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