You can’t deny that you see the world in a different view. You see colors in your head, next images, and then a grand design. You’re not drunk, you’re an artist! And you are talented at it. You realize it, as do your friends. But your parents are a bit unsure, wondering how broad the career options are for you in pursuing a top web design in the Philippines.

Lo and behold, parents, the opportunities for the multimedia artists out there:


Graphic Designer

Web Design Philippines - Graphic Designer

These people design everything from shirts to billboards, basically all prints we see every day. They can work for any client, at any firm, as they design images that are photographed, painted, computer-generated, and drawn. Think of pamphlets and brochures from a hotel, print ads in a magazine, the wrapper of a chocolate bar, the menu of a restaurant, and the logo of a company. Those are what you’re needed for—everything! It’s like having your baby out there, your Simba presented to the jungle. Exciting, don’t you think?


Art Director

Web Design Philippines - Art Director

This is one of the more interesting career paths for a multimedia artist. Know why? Well, you can work as part of a film crew. Lightbulb. Now you see yourself standing next to famous local personalities  or even Hollywood celebrities like Stephen Spielberg and Brad Pitt—and yes, if you’re wondering, you’re breathing their air! You can also be the boss of the designers and artists of the set. This doesn’t box you in working for film sets, though. You can work for magazines, books, newspapers, and PR firms, directing what other artists can do.


Web Designer

Web Design philippines - Web Designer

This is where you let your geeky flag fly. You not only think of the design website in Philippines, you also get to program them through codes for the world to see! It’s just like speaking a new language—computer language, but that’s only if you want to. Plus, it isn’t simply manipulating drawn, painted, or photographed images, you also design how the text works with the whole design of the site, even add music and videos to it—basically how you want it for the client. And oh, about the client: you can get to work for whoever—a best-selling author, an award-winning company, an up-and-coming band—as just about everybody is on the net nowadays.



Web Design philippines - Animator

With this path, it isn’t hard to imagine Pixar or Dreamworks in your future anymore. Animators are the people behind your favourite cartoons and animated films. They design whole new worlds with their skills and knowledge, in order to create the adorable tear-jerkers that we love even as adults. Now if that’s not motivation enough (you robot) let’s also say that you get to play with interesting software that are created especially for your kind. Still, whichever gets to you more strongly—creating lovable masterpieces or working with special software—in being an animator, you get to stay a kid at work.


3D Modelling

Web Design Philippines - 3D Modelling

Why stay with 2D media when you know the future will be all about holograms and printed body organs (gasp)? Let’s face it, 3D media intrigues more than its baby brother, so more people opt to this than 2D media. If you already have lots of client opportunities designing websites, prints, and animation, you’re sure to have up to thrice that much with other clients pitching in. You can have jobs modelling and developing architecture, games, and products for various firms, even have government agencies, automotive companies, and crime labs asking you for models.

You have that talent for a reason. Use it, while earning big bucks! With these interesting and fun options, overwhelm your parents now! Tell them not to worry anymore, especially about lunch— it’s your treat.

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