History of CAM (College of Allied Medicine)


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is a four-year degree course which aims to prepare a scientifically competent pharmacist to provide pharmaceutical services required in health care delivery. The program ensures that its graduates possess the knowledge, skills, aptitude and competencies in:

  • Conducting scientific research methods and processes;
  • Developing drugs for prevention, diagnosis, mitigation and treatment of diseases of man and animals;
  • Identifying, compounding, manufacturing, storing and dispensing of drugs;
  • Managing drug establishments based on entrepreneurial practice;
  • Providing pharmaceutical care as well as counseling clients in the proper use of both prescribed and patient chosen medications;
  • Providing drug and health related information;
  • Advocating professional and ethical pharmacy practice; and
  • Contributing to the overall social, mental, emotional and physical health of individuals, communities and the country

The program also prepares the graduate to perform the following roles:

  • Health care provider
  • Decision maker
  • Researcher
  • Leader and manager
  • Teacher
  • Communicator/counselor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lifelong learner
  • Agent of positive change

Areas where a graduate may work includes:

  • Drug outlets and drug establishments;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Government agencies;
  • Health maintenance organizations; and
  • Research institutions.

Graduates will become leading researchers and professors who create and disseminate new knowledge in pharmacy. They will become recognized experts working in government, consulting firms, and international organizations around the country and around the world addressing some of the most challenging problems of our times.