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The Business Edge of Being a Multilingual Individual

April 19, 2015

The Business Edge of Being a Multilingual Individual

Now that you’re starting the next chapter of your life, you have plenty of time to discover the world around you. You can travel many countries and learn things you didn’t pick up while caged in the classroom. This is the best time to also learn a new language. Being a multilingual individual can get you to more places than you ever thought possible. In this article, let us discuss the advantages of you becoming fluent in another language other than your mother tongue.


1. Get a Job Faster

Get A Job Faster

Some jobs do not require having to speak in another language. However, if the boss or the recruiter finds out that you have the potential to speak in a foreign or different language, you can get a job faster. This means that your brain has the capacity to understand and take in concepts in another form as they are expressed. You will also be sigificantly sought after because you can help the business grow by attracting foreign investors to take part in the company and more international clients.


2. Expand Your Circle

Expand Your Circle

Being a multilingual individual is great to impress a date, but it goes beyond that. In any convention or meeting, particularly with international folks, you can stand out and shine when you express yourself well in both the universal language and the local language of the city you’re in. This can help in expanding your network and getting yourself ahead of everyone.


3. Improve Your Creativity

Improve Your Creativity

Every employer appreciates smart members of the company’s workforce. Studies show that a person who has the ability to speak and write in more than one language has quicker response in comprehension, enhanced creativity and is smarter in making decisions. Conversing in multiple languages also can make you more flexible in solving problems.


4. Save Business Money

Save Money

If you have always wanted to enroll at a top multimedia arts course  but you’re short in resources and time, you can ask your employer if the company can sponsor you in exchange for translation services you can offer. To cut short on costs for the business, you can volunteer to be the company’s translator who will deal with international clients. Make them appreciate that they do not need to hire an exclusive consultant and professional translator for the service. Your language skills can be of use in this case to save business money, and your bosses can be proud of you, too!


5. Soar High

Soar High

Knowing how to speak in multiple languages can make you get a job easily just about anywhere in the globe. Especially if you know Chinese, English and Spanish, you are not far off to be considered as a company asset. The world needs plenty of people just like you. It’s best if you can brush up on your language skills if you are planning to join the global workforce as early as now.



There are over 7,000 languages spoken in the world today. Do you think that you can study and get proficient at one more language every year? Being a multilingual individual can be your competitive edge against the many jobseekers out there wanting to get the same position in your dream company. Fluency in languages will get you noticed everywhere you go.