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How to Keep Your Cool On Manic Mondays

November 11, 2014

The problem with Monday is that it arrives right after the weekend but is so far from its start. Also, it’s the day when two days of fun and relaxation ends and the stresses for the week begin. Like a monster from a horror movie, it’s intimidating and fast-approaching.

So, what can a Top Multimedia Arts course Philippines student or any undergraduate do to save their hides from the single most feared one day among the seven? Here are some tips.

Get ready on a Sunday night

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Think of Monday as a battle you have to fight. And in battles, you don’t just waltz in completely clueless. Instead, you prepare everything all the things that must be ready. Same goes with Monday. So before you hit the sack, make sure that you have studied for the test and finished the requirements that need to be submitted. You wouldn’t want to start your week with a disaster, right?

Make sure you have enough sleep


Monday is usually the day when you’ll be taking up a new lesson, since you’re most likely done with the lesson last week. You need to get all that knowledge in your head, and you can’t do that if you’re trying to sneak some seconds of shuteye. Also, once the week starts, there’s a chance you might not catch all the z’s you need because schoolwork and tests will be hurled at you one after another. Therefore, that Sunday night’s sleep is very crucial – a good one can make or break your Monday and the rest of the days.

Wake up early

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Since you went early to bed, it’s only right that you also rise early. While everybody understands that it’s hard to get off the mattress on a Monday morning because you won’t have as much time to lie down on it for the next four days, you have to so that you can prepare the things you probably overlooked the night before. It’s never an easy feat, but a necessary one, because losing a few minutes of rolling around with your blanket is better than forgetting a lot of school requirements.

Leave home early


Whether you’re taking public transportation or driving on your way to school, you have to get out of the house as soon as you’re ready. This is because everyone will be out on a Monday morning, which means heavy traffic, which in turn means being late – and you don’t want to be late on the first day of the week. So if you think you have a few minutes to watch TV or browse Facebook, think again.

Remember, it’s just a day

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No matter how many or accurate the jokes, sayings, or memes about Monday, in the end it’s just a day, and the reason why people dislike or fear it is just because it’s the first day of the school week. While it’s a drag that your two days of rest are finally over, but hey, it’s not that bad. You get to learn new curriculum-related lessons and life lessons, spend time with your friends, and receive allowance again. If that doesn’t sound good to you, I don’t know what is.


Nobody’s exactly a fan of Mondays, but you shouldn’t hate on it too much either. Just don’t go manic or panic and your Monday’s going to be just fine.