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Life is all about ups and downs

The rich and the poor

The good and the bad

The beautiful and the ugly

The fortunate and the unfortunate

The privileged and less privileged


It’s all about being either happy or sad

Being joyful or sorrowful

Being a give and receiver

Being loved or hated

Being a winner and a loser

Being a wisdom seeker or ignorant

Being a sadist or a problem solver

Laughing or crying

Being humble or proud

We all are either past of the negative or positive side of life.

Life is what we make of it is the choices we make, that spice it all.

We should choose wisely. This means life is a double edged word, if you think it is your alarm that wakes you up this morning, try putting it beside a dead body and you will realize it is the grace of god that woke you up. In all be grateful.

– Naomi Musa, International Students Association Secretary

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