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Second Wind Blowing: How to Start The Next Term Right

November 13, 2014

When the semestral break ended, students either thought of how much a bummer it was to go back to long and difficult lectures and sleepless nights, or how it was a delight because hey, it is time yet again to learn even more new things and make new friends!

Well, regardless of what you think of it, you can’t stop the semester from kicking off, so it’s best that you start it right. So, whether you’re from the best school in Laguna or a Manila kid, here are some tips that can help you make the next few months great from the get-go.

Get healthy

eat healthy

A sound body means a sound mind – an undeniable fact. After all, healthy people have better cognitive function, absorption of information, concentration, and memory recall than those who let themselves go. Also, being healthy and staying that way means having more reserves of energy and a better immune system. This means less sick days, which in turn means fewer absences. Therefore, stick to a balanced diet, have enough hours of sleep, and dedicate a few minutes of exercise – it’ll work wonders on you and your grades.

Plan Ahead

planning cat

Everyone loves it when a good plan comes together. But how can that happen if you didn’t plan anything in the first place? Well, you can always go gung-ho, but that means a lot of improvising and cramming – things you can’t pull off if something unexpected blindsides you. Therefore, once you receive the course syllabus, plan ahead. By doing so, you can allot your time for studying for major exams and making projects and papers, saving you the need to cross your fingers when deadlines start pressuring you.



You definitely learned a lot from previous semester. However, because you came from semestral break, the important lessons got buried underneath all the fun you were having. So instead of refreshing Facebook repeatedly, close it, even just for a few seconds, and hit your books to refresh your memory instead. You need to do this because what you have learned from your classes aren’t just for getting passing grades, but instead are crucial for not only your professional life but also your personal one after college. So if you want to prepare for the future, have a throwback on your notes.

Make New Friends

making friends

Of course you’re still friends with the friends you have made from the previous semester and the other past semesters. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop from making more, because it means reaching out and connecting to other people that you still have yet to know. There’s nothing with doing so, because making new ones doesn’t mean replacing the old ones. Besides, your new friends can help you and your old ones, and you and your old friends can do the same. And who knows? Maybe your old friends and new ones will become friends. Next thing you know, it would no longer matter who’s old and who’s new – everybody’s just friends with everybody.


So, there you have it – four tips to help you thrust forward into the great and exciting unknown that is the new semester. And now that you know how to start it right, be confident that you’ll end it right.