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Let the Good Times Roll! Crazy Happenings During Enrollment

November 28, 2014

Let’s be honest – enrollment can be quite a hassle. Nevertheless, it’s one of those supposedly serious transaction times with school that turn out to be fun times with your classmates and friends. This could be true whether you’re in the best accounting school in the Philippines or another educational institution.

The following are a few things that have either already happened to you or will do so during the next enrollment.


Everybody’s online the day before

online enrollment

You probably don’t visit your school website as often as you should (and you should… there are a lot of fun reads! Plus, it keeps you updated.). But on the day before enrollment, everyone is suddenly online, not just on the school’s official website, but also on social media trying to figure out among each other all the real details for tomorrow, requirements, what the best strategy might be, what classes to take, and so on. It’s like planning to go to battle! Only less violent.


What PE did you take?

p.e. class

Whether it is the online or official enrollment, coordinate with your blockmates. No, this is not for your majors; this is for the general subjects you don’t want to be alone in, and most importantly: Physical Education. You don’t want to attend the first day as a loner while the rest of the class has cliques of their own. And if you think that’s bad, wait until you have to make teams – it’s going to be the playground all over again.


I missed you <insert term of endearment here>

missed you

Enrollment usually happens during semestral breaks. So when you see your classmates after a few days of carefreeness, you can’t help but feel as if it’s been ages since you’ve seen them and ask them how their vacation went, which they’ll usually claim to be uneventful even though their Facebook posts and photos say otherwise. Either way, the important thing is that they missed you and you missed them, so much so that you’re willing to let them…


Don’t even think about it

cut in line

…cut in line? Or not. Yes, there are times when there are going to be long lines. There are times when you’ll be in line before your friend does, or vice versa. Thinking cutting the line is a good idea? Nope, don’t even think about it. Not only will it inconvenience the others who came before either one of you, it will also be unbecoming of the batches and blocks the both of you represent. You don’t want that now, do you? (Please don’t.)


Expect the unexpected

expect unexpected

Once you’re done with enrollment, it’s time to go home…or not. There’s a fat chance that someone will suggest that you guys should hang out first. After all, you did miss each other, and it’s quite a shame to come home right after enrollment, so text up your folks and tell them something came up – an impromptu hangout. Hope you still have enough allowance money, though.


See? Enrollment just sounds as though it’s a drag, but it’s actually not. And when your enrollment day turns out alright, you know that things will be looking up for the upcoming semester. Good luck!