A seminar has been conducted at the Audio Visual Room, January 30, to take part in representing the theme of the College of Arts and Sciences week 2015 which is “Reliving Yesterday. United Today.” The lecture of the seminar was firstly done by Mr. Arwin Clor who works at Smile 89.5 and is also an alumnus. He discussed about his life starting just before he chose to become an AB Communication student and he explained that he was really unsure of becoming one, and that he was even at a conditional status after taking the entrance exam. He was known for being very talkative until he discovered about being a volunteer disc jock and so he grabbed the opportunity and continued it up to his present life now, even though he’s busy for being a student back then. Next presented was Mr. John Paul Seño who works at GMA network and is also an alumnus. He discussed about some of the different fields of journalism and on how communication students could make a good choice of field. He also explained about ethics and style in journalism and its importance, and lastly, that no one should stop believing in oneself in attaining what they want. The last presenter was Ms. Trish Roque who is a reporter at TV5, she gave a lot of stories about her life as a tv reporter/courtside reporter. She also gave a lot of tips of what is it really like becoming a female reporter with its advantages and disadvantages. Next happened was the recognition of the three speakers and that marked the end of the seminar.

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